Shoes: The best accessory

I really like being a girl.  I say it a few times a day.  If for one reason alone, it’s the shoes.  I have an enthusiasm for shoes – specifically heels.  Shoes allow women to express themselves like no other accessory.

 Feeling Sexy? – Put on your heels

 Feeling strong? – Put on your heels

 Got something to say to the boss at work?  – Heck, put on your heels!

 Feeling down? – You get it

 For those of us vertically challenged, heels give us a little bump.  Most days I’m 5’7 or 5’8.

 Let’s not forget they are always in style.  Whatever the season, whatever the day, there’s a shoe for it.

 We come from all walks of life.  Let’s use this as a place to contribute and share that common bond that only a few understand. Enjoy!

 P.S. – Guys, you’re welcome too!

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