Four Heels for Every Wardrobe

Part of the fun of fashion is the vast variety to be found in clothing and accessories. Every stylish woman knows, however, that pulling off good style requires that you have a solid foundation on which to build all the various styles. A big part of this foundation is your shoe wardrobe.

Plain Black Pumps
Don’t be fooled by the word “plain” in this item’s description. Plain black pumps rely on simplicity to created and classy silhouette. These are a must for any wardrobe because they can be worn to work, for cocktails and even in casual situations.

Strappy Sandals
A woman’s wardrobe should do more than just be functional – it should help her feel good. One way to feel good is to feel sexy and a strappy sandal is a great way to achieve that. The high heel combined with an exposed foot will give you the look of long legs. These are the perfect complement to a hot little sundress for summertime dates. You can also pair them with a more conservative outfit – as a little reminder of what’s underneath.

Kitten Heel
Let’s face it: high heels are beautiful, but they aren’t exactly kind to a woman’s foot. The kitten heel is a classic compromise that gives you the pleasing, firming lift in a height that’s practical enough to wear all day.

Bright-Colored Pumps
Sometimes black is just the easiest thing to wear (or some other neutral, like grey or camel). For example, another wardrobe staple is the little black dress because if it can be used for so many occasions. Yet pair your LBD with black shoes and you might end up looking like you are mourning. Instead, bring a pop of color into an otherwise monochrome look and it will add a bit of the unexpected – which is always a good thing.

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