Style Board: Isabel Marant Betty Sneaker

I was recently with family and we were discussing plans for the next day.  Since we were going to be on our feet, the ladies decided to wear their sneakers.  When I arrived the next day in my 3 1/2 inch heels, it did not go unnoticed.  When asked if I was going to wear something more casual, I had to let them know that this was my casual.  Sadly (or not sadly) to say, I really don’t own a pair of sneakers.  I always find myslef in a situation where a sneaker or a flatter shoe would be more appropriate.  It’s not that I am against sneakers, they usually don’t match what I am wearing.  Flat shoes, that’s another story.  I’m against those, but that’s just me.  So what’s a girl to do?

Enter the Isabel Marant Betty Sneaker

This does not have the traditional look of your Nike sneaker.  They are the sport shoe of the moment as seen on many celebrities and fashionistas.  They are more versatile than the standard shoe.  The concealed wedge heel measures 90mm/ 3.5 inches so it gives you a little lift.  One could wear them with sweats, jeans, and knits as seen in the following looks.






Subtle color, chic look.  Maybe I found the solution to my shoe delima.  Available for $680 via Barneys and Net-a-Porter.

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