We Can Talk about Shoes Later…

It would be weird (to us) if we did not pause from our regular wax on shoes to note the recent passing of an icon Whitney Houston.  I was home checking Facebook when I saw a few posts about Whitney, then I turned to CNN to watch coverage.  Needless to say I was beyond shocked.  I loved Whitney, she was so talented, gave the world so much, and had so much for the world to see.  She was so beautiful with a powerful instrument.  I love the songs (too hard to name a favorite) and movies: Waiting to Exhale, The Bodyguard, The Preacher’s Wife and am looking forward to Sparkle and was hoping for a Waiting to Exhale 2.  I have been watching videos today and listening to tributes and I hate that the the coverage focuses so much on her past demons.  People, let’s celebrate not speculate and let the officials do their work.  For now let’s remember Whitney at her best.  Thoughts and prayers go to her daughter, mother, family and friends.  A child just lost her mother, a mother just lost a child, a friend just lost a friend, and the world has lost an amazing talent and a beautiful voice.  She is a timeless treasure.


Good night Ms. Houston.  We will always love you!

Whitney Houston

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