How to Organize Your Closet


It seems like closets are never quite big enough. I swear, I could have two giant walk-in closets at my disposal, and I’d still manage to fill them. Of course, I’m stuck with only one small closet for all of my clothes, shoes and accessories. I’ve found that the key to making this space work for me was to stay organized, and to remember that I have to see what I have or it won’t get worn. If you’re curious how to organize your closet, read on.

Getting Organized
Start by figuring out what you actually wear. I realized I could get rid of several pairs of shoes and more than a third of my wardrobe. I donated it to a local women’s shelter.

Then, it’s time to get in the closet and make a plan of attack. I started with a simple closet organizer system, which gave me a long rod with a shelf over it. I knew I would have to use the vertical space above and below the rod to make it work. This is the key when your closet footprint is minimal.

I decided that a combination of hangers, drawers, shelves and boxes would be the best option for me. They would help me store the things I used most at eye-level, those I used less down below and those I rarely used in the top of the closet. Stackable shelving worked great for me in the bottom of the closet, but hanging canvas shelves save floor space and offer an inexpensive option as well.

Organizing Your Clothes
There is simply not enough room in my closet for out of season clothes. I pack them in a vacuum bag, and store them in an inconspicuous place elsewhere in the house. They are tucked away in a storage ottoman, an antique truck, vintage luggage and even under the bed. Decorative boxes stacked in a corner will also work to keep them out of sight and out of your way until they’re needed.

If you have mostly separates, you can buy or build a double-hang closet rod, which will give you another area for hanging items below the existing rod. Instead, I use hangers that allow more than one item to be hung vertically. These are a great option for a collection of tank tops or other similar items. Attaching a chain to the closet rod with an s-hook can achieve a similar feat without purchasing specialty hangers

What About Shoes?
I love shoes, and have dozens of pairs. This is perhaps my biggest storage challenge. I use a number of wall-mounted shoe racks, which free up valuable floor and shelving space. I could have built these on my own using crown molding for heels and by adding drawer handles to hang other shoes.

If you have the option, you can also hang a shoe rack on the back of your closet door. It can be used for shoes, or to hang accessories. You could even store unique or designer shoes by displaying them as art on shelves on your bedroom wall.

Organizing your closet maximizes its functionality, as well as making it easier to find the items you are looking for. By grouping your clothes by category or color, you can find items even more readily. This will help you put together outfits, and ensure that you always look your best.

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