The Latest Fashion Trend: Curved Heels

It’s been a while since the fashion machine has spit out an original shoe trend–for the past decade or so it’s felt like we’re in an endless repeating cycle of round toes and pointy toes, dainty heels and platforms. for the first time in forever, something truly new is sashaying down the runways in enormous numbers–curved heels.

 Heels that curve inward (such as kitten heels and d’Orsay pumps) are old hat, but now everyone from Miu Miu and Christian Siriano to Alexander McQueen is showing heels that curve outward from the foot–something we’d practically never seen before the style’s recent rise in popularity. These shoes are ultra-modern for sure, but what’s so interesting about the look?

 So many women’s styles are about creating a dainty, feminine line that tapers down from the widest part of the leg to a delicately curved shoe that makes the foot look small. Even the platforms we’ve seen in recent years build up height, but not bulk (like Spice Girls-era platforms did). For years a fashionable woman has looked like she’s practically walking on air.

 Not in these babies. Curved heels are big and bold, creating a full, round silhouette that actually exaggerates the size of the foot and makes women look firmly-planted and strong in an almost animalistic way. (Do they remind anyone else of hooves?) It’s a great look for a powerful woman forging ahead in these tough times.

 Of course, that “firmly-planted” stuff is just an illusion. They haven’t been around long, but curved-heel shoes are already becoming notorious for being difficult to walk in. The lower the heel, the less room there is for an actual curve, and the outward bend can throw off your center of gravity. But if this look speaks to you, we have a feeling you already eat platform stilettos for breakfast. We encourage you to slip into a pair and trade slobby comfort for a fabulous fashion statement–the same exchange divas have made for centuries.

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