Gretchen’s Little Black Dress

Be sure to watch Project Runway tonight on Lifetime (9PM ET).  Grethen was last week’s winner.  The dress was OK.  Based on the materials they had (each others clothing) I guess you can’t expect too much.  I actually thought Peach’s model was styled the best followed by Valerie.  I like the winning dress and I like the winning shoe (but not together).  The Cynthia Vincent Peep-toe bootie is so my style and would fit well in my closet.  I really hope the designers take full advantage of the shoes and accessories on the Piperlime wall. Looks like there is some good stuff in there.  Tonight the designers really have to get their creative juices flowing and bring us less pants out of pants and kimonos out of kimonos.  Cassanova, just bring us a clothed model.  Do you think the network got a warning for that piece of material he called a dress?

Gretchen's winning design

Cynthia Vincent Peeptoe Bootie

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