Let’s Hope this one is very Limited

Usually when I receive an email with “Limited Edition” in the subject line, I’m excited. There’s this weird, yet familiar, shopper’s rush while I hurry to open the email filled with fashion goodies!

Unless …

Yeh, what happens when the fashion goodies are really complete and utter duds??! This is the scenario that played out with me and many others recently as department stores and boutiques began sending out the looks from the new UGG/Jimmy Choo collaboration.

Where do I start?

First, I’ll just say to begin with that I’m not a huge fan of UGGs. After trying on one of my niece’s pair, during a particularly chilly trip back home to Ohio, I have to admit that I do appreciate their niche. They are warm and cozy and the closest thing to walking on a sheep that I’ll ever experience. I prefer to spend my shoe dollars on the high-heeled and fancy, so I do not own a pair. But this brief background in UGGdom could in no way prepare me for the contents of the previously mentioned emails.

There are studs! And stars! And zebras! Well, zebra print, but still no less shocking to see! And don’t forget the fringe! A grown woman wearing UGGs is already pushing the line, but throw on the extra bells and whistles and that same woman has just jumped across that same line. And at the price point, you’re paying good money to look like a teenager who found her mom’s old Bedazzler and had at it.

Are they comfy? I’m sure they are. Are they boring? Anything but. However, I honestly can’t see where the Jimmy Choo design element lies in these boots. Or at least, I hope that I don’t. Any good collaboration, brings out the best in both contributors. The Jimmy Choo collaboration with Hunter was a success, but in that effort both companies seemed to remain consistent with their design aesthetic. This collaboration fails because looking at the product, not only don’t you see Jimmy Choo, but you also see the worst parts of UGG.

So hopefully, we only have a few more weeks of the promotional emails mocking us with these boots. Heck, what do I know? They may have sold out by then, and I’ll be surprising devastated that I missed out on a piece of dubious fashion history!

Yeh, I doubt it, too.

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