Summer Foot Care

Now that we are in the throes of summer, let us not forget our feet. Here are some tips for keeping those footsies in tip top shape.

Flip flops are not real shoes

I know, I know.  It is so easy to slip on a pair of flip flops but be careful.  Flip flops are made from flimsy materials.  You could easily fall or trip in them.  The piece between the big toe and second toe can cause irritation and blisters.  Walking on hot sunny pavements can lead to burns and blisters. 

 Look for a shoe with more structure and protection and try to limit your flip flop usage to in house activities.

Time to breath

Look for alternatives to nylon stockings, which stop your feet from breathing.  If you work at Vogue or if your office allows, go bare legged.  If you like the reinforcement that only a full pantyhose gives, try Spanx.  They have tons of footless garments.  

 Treat you feet

Take time for a pedicure at least every two weeks.  Make sure you go to a licensed, reputable place.  The stories of people developing infections after pedicures are countless.  Make sure the tools are clean; there are some places that will let you purchase your own tools.  If the tools or equipment do not appear clean do not hesitate to ask for another set of tools or that the bowl is cleaned.

SPF Care Head to Toe

Feet can get sunburned too.  Make sure you use sunscreen on your feet when wearing sandals or at the beach or pool.

 Follow these tips and have a safe healthy summer!

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