Jimmy Choo Company Could be Sold

 In August of this year fashion and business news outlets were buzzing about the possible sale of shoe company Jimmy Choo. While the company’s founder and CEO Tamara Mellon retains one fifth ownership of the high-profile shoe label, the brand’s majority owner – a private equity firm called Towerbrook – has the power to determine the companies fate.

 According to reports, one of the options considered by the company is an initial public offering (IPO).  This means that Jimmy Choo would appear on one of the world’s stock markets and fans of the celebrity-favorite high heels – and those simply interested in a good fashion profit – could own stock in the company. Towerbrook is also considering the sale of the brand, which has been valued at close to $800 million, to another private equity company, reports the Financial Times.

Yet Mellon isn’t without her own set of options in the matter. According to the Telegraph, the founder has private backers offering to help her purchase the company outright, as well. Mellon, who comes from a hearty financial background, is no stranger to such large transactions. She and the Malaysian cobbler for whom the brand is named started the company in 1996 with a $230,000 loan from her father, who was the co-founder of hair products giant Vidal Sassoon.

Since first being sold for just under $28 million in 2001 the company has changed majority-owner hands two times.

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