Brian Atwood

What do you get when you cross an architect and a Fashion Institute of America grad? Brian Atwood: modern day shoe sage. Born in Chicago with Latin looks and Italian style sensibility, Brian Atwood launched his own shoe company in 2001 after being first hired by Gianni Versace in 1996 to design for his women’s clothes and accessories range. Perhaps first noted for his “hidden platform” design, he has since moved on to conquer all corners of the fashion world, his shoes being worn by the trendy and traditional alike, and being the inanimate, unintentional stars of Sex and the City 2. Once declaring t “flats are not sexy,” and having turned his talent from building towers to designing towering stilettos and drop dead wedges, he always strives to conjure the elusive magic of feminine allure in all that he conceives. Now a doubtless success, he divides his time between New York and Milan, inspiring himself and infusing his designs with the techniques and style of Italy and the modern day glamour of the New York woman.

Who is the Brian Atwood girl? Anyone who wishes to look classic, yet precisely on trend.