Blake Lively Gets Louboutin’s Entire Spring Collection

Blake Lively attended Godiva’s 2012 Valentine’s Day event at the Andaz 5th Avenue in New York where she revealed to People Magazine that she received a treat from her buddy Christian Louboutin.  His entire Spring collection.

That’s right, I did not stutter.  The entire Spring collection.  She gushes:

“My gosh, [the spring collection] was sent to my house today, and they’re so beautiful,” she revealed. “They’re amazing. I walked around my apartment wearing them.”

Blake Lively and Christian Louboutin

It’s no secret that the Gossip Girl star is a favorite muse of Msr. Louboutin.  She is gorgeous, her legs go for miles, and she looks great wearing them.  I wonder if he watches the show.

Her favorites? “These cage, crystal-encrusted shoes and one with a feather detail coming off of it.”

Lively is known for her love of Louboutin and she is always pictured wearing them.

I have heard some really nasty comments:

Hater 1: “She can afford to buy the entire collection, she should donate them or give them to me”
Hater 2: “Mr. Louboutin should give the collection to his best customers”
Hater 3: “How can I be a muse”

Come on people, let’s be happy for Blake.  What a great Valentine’s Day gift.  Lucky girl.  Shoes and Ryan Reynolds.  I think she should keep them.  What do you think Blake Lively should do with the shoes?

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